The History of Radio Dixicana between 1979 and Now

Radio Dixicana in 1979 start after a fusion from Dixieland and Tropicana. First broadcasting: 25 december 1979.

First Founders are  Tedje Duivesteijn, Joop Smit and Gijs van Soest.

After a big fight in the studio was It over For  Joop en Gijs and Gijs van Soest.

In 1989 came the team once back to remember the death of Erik Bloemendaal He died that year.

There were  in 1992 plans to start as  Digitaal Fm but It didn't go on becausre the members of the border of the Foundation from the local radio did not approve the name.

There was CITY 93.8 with Dick Van der Meer and Ron van Arnhem that try to start a New radio but that also ended soon. Richard de Both started  Dixicana and after promission from Tedje Duivesteijn He started in 2009 Radio Dixicana as It is Now.